The music of

David Lumsdaine

The music of David Lumsdaine


White Dawn, songs and soundscapes by David Lumsdaine

A Little Cantata - Tracey Chadwell in memoriam for soprano, recorder and piano. Lesley-Jane Rogers, John Turner, Peter Lawson

Blue upon blue for cello solo. Jonathan Price

Six Postcard Pieces for piano solo. Peter Lawson

A tree telling of Orpheus for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, viola and cello. Lesley-Jane Rogers, Gemini Ensemble (Matilda Tullberg, Ian Mitchell, Richard Howarth, Richard Williamson, Jonathan Price), conductor Martyn Brabbins

Metamorphosis at Mullet Creek for recorder solo. John Turner

A Norfolk Songbook for soprano and recorder. Lesley-Jane Rogers and John Turner

Cambewarra for piano solo. Peter Lawson

5 Soundscapes

métier msv 28519 (2 CDs)

David Lumsdaine - complete music for solo piano

Kelly Ground, Ruhe sanfte, sanfte ruh’, Cambewarra, Six Postcard Pieces for piano solo. Mark Knoop

Tall Poppies TP198

Big Meeting

Big Meeting stereo version

NMC D171

David Lumsdaine - Aria for Edward John Eyre, What shall I sing?

Aria for Edward John Eyre. Jane Manning soprano, Barry Guy double bass, John Baddeley and John Rye narrators, Elgar Howarth conductor, Gemini Ensemble.

What shall I sing?. Mary Wiegold soprano, Ian Mitchell and Edward Pillinger clarinets

NMC D007

The Seymour Group

Aria for Edward John Eyre for soprano, double bass, 2 narrators, ensemble and electronics. Merlyn Quaife, Peter Gwynne and John Tong, Seymour Group, conductor David Stanhope


Roger Smalley Accord

Flights for 2 pianos. Daniel Herscovitch and Erzsébet Marosszéky

Continuum CCD 1078

Strange Attractions

Kali Dances for piano solo and ensemble. Stephanie MacCallum and Sydney Alpha conducted Antony Walker

ABC Classics ABC 456 537-2

Mere Bagatelles

Six Postcard Pieces for piano solo. Ian Munro

Tall Poppies TP080

Tracey Chadwell’s Song Book

A Norfolk Songbook for soprano and recorder. Tracey Chadwell and John Turner


a garden of earthly delights

A Garden of Earthly Delights for cello solo and orchestra. David Pereira and Australian Youth Orchestra conducted Diego Masson

Tall Poppies TP113

Cello Dreaming

blue upon blue for cello solo. David Pereira

Tall Poppies TP075

Anthology of Australian Music on Disc - Pianos and Percussion

Kangaroo Hunt for piano and percussion. Lachlan Redd, Murray Hickman


Red Earth

Bagatelles for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano. Geoffrey Collins, Cathy McCorkill, John Harding, Esther van Stralen, David Pereira, Ian Munro

Tall Poppies TP133


Ruhe sanfte, sanfte ruh’ for piano solo. Roger Smalley

Tall Poppies TP060

David Lumsdaine - Hagoromo and other orchestral works

Hagoromo for large orchestra. West Australian Symphony Orchestra conductor Diego Masson

Salvation Creek with Eagle for small orchestra.

Shoalhaven for orchestra

Mandala 5 for large orchestra. West Australian Symphony Orchestra conductor Arthur Rosen

ABC Classics ABC 426 994-2


Five Travelling Songs for unaccompanied mixed choir. Elysian Singers, director Sam Laughton

Meridian CDE84627

Mandala 3

Mandala 3 for piano, flute, clarinet, viola, cello. Aleksander Szram, solo piano and Gemini Ensemble, conductor Ian Mitchell

Fire in leaf and grass for soprano and clarinet. Sarah Leonard soprano and Ian Mitchell, clarinet

Métier msv 28565

Ambiances Sonores d’Australie - D. Lumsdaine

Meunga Creek, Boyd River Crossing, Tam o’Shanter Forest and excerpts from other soundscapes

Frémaux & Associés FA 635

Australian Soundscapes - David Lumsdaine

Lake Emu, River Red Gums and Black Box

Tall Poppies TP092

Australian Soundscapes - David Lumsdaine

Mutawinji, Pied Butcherbirds of Spirey Creek

Tall Poppies TP091

Australian Soundscapes - David Lumsdaine

Cambewarra Mountain

Tall Poppies TP083

Secret Songs of Birds

White-winged Fairy Wren, Grey Butcherbird, Grey Fantail (species recordings)

British Library NSACD 73

Sounds of the Night

Grasshopper Warbler, Barn Owl (species recordings)

British Library NSACD 77

Beautiful Birdsongs of Britain

Whitethroat (species recording)

British Library NSACD 85